Series 8829 Ink

General Description

The 8829 ink series is an air drying semi-paste ink for application by direct or dry offset printing onto metals, glass, epoxy, phenolic, polyester, plastics, painted surfaces, and cellulose. This ink can be used on printers equipped with inking plates or reservoirs.

Cure Property: air dry

Thinner: M

Cleaner: 320

Remover: None

Accessory Chemicals:
The addition of thinner may be required to maintain a viscosity appropriate for the application method. The cleaner is recommended for removing ink from the printing equipment.

Drying / Curing: This ink has a slow drying rate. Prints usually dry in 20 to 45 minutes. The actual drying time depends upon the substrate material being printed, the ink film thickness, and the ambient conditions. Applying forced hot air or heating the substrate prior to marking can accelerate drying.

Technical Data: • With any MARKEM ink the surface to be printed must be properly cleaned prior to marking.
• This ink has gasoline and oil resistance and can be overcoated with hydrocarbon based lacquers and varnishes.
• Prints have shown resistance to soaking in water and gasoline as described in Federal Specification TT-I-1795A.
• White appears off-white.

Shelf Life: The shelf life for this ink series is six months from the date of shipment or twelve months from the date of manufacture, whichever is less.

Optimum storage condition is at 5-10°C in the original unopened container. Allow ink to warm gradually to room temperature before use.

Important Notes

Technical information is subject to change without notice.

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